Saturday, 28 November 2015


By Lydia Ireri.

Jubilation were all over at Makimei Children’s home. This happened on Sunday 4th afternoon in October 2015. The home was visited by a number of well-wishers. Among the visitors were children from different church groups and guides. Different organizations too were present. Touch a Teen organization was present in large numbers as well as African Royal Voice Limited. These organizations among many others presented gifts to the children in the home. Basic needs were among the issues addressed by the well-wishers like food and clothing.
 Fun moments made the climax of the day where kids were led into singing and dancing by one of the volunteer team members. It was quite encouraging when the management handed over to us a wedding invitation card of one of the former kids who will be walking down the aisle on 5th/12/2015 in Kikuyu area Nairobi Kenya. The most challenging issues were lack of role models that the children would look up to; Lack of motivation thus leading to low self esteem among others. Provision of quality education and basic needs was highlighted as the striving to achieve goals. This is a call to the public to put on a smile to the less fortunate in their vicinity. The manager of the home confirmed the challenges she faces bringing up kids in the home. This calls for sacrifice and understanding since it can risk one’s family relationships and friendship since not everyone dances into this rhythm.

Friday, 30 October 2015

I THRIVE- By Lydia Ireri.

I want to save you sweat,
Rescue your soul from the burning coal,
Can I tell you about me a blink?
So that tonight you may dream,
Of the light you have tried to cover in me.

It might upset you to know,
I thrive in hard times,
My light shines most in dark hours,
But this,
Will save you from sleepless and dreamless nights,
That are your tick.

It might devastate you to know,
My banks overflows in drought,
And I harvest during famine,
You know what?
My orchard calls all,
When the wells are long dry.

It might agitate you to know,
I shake my hips like I mean it,
When everyone holds their limbs in cold,
Simply because I am an empress.

It might fail your grands and emotions to know,
My wells becomes yummy and spicy,
When it is swampy,
Just for you to know.

Does my beauty make you frown,
Do you still get jealous of my portable size?
I grow slender and tender daily,
Just for you to know.

Can I tell you a secret about me?
I thrive and succeed in dark moments,
Anything you can do about that?
So, spare your heart a fail,
Stop exposing my rainbows,
'cause just like a young butterfly,
My soul and body beauties are naked,
Safe in nature,
Just for you to know.

This might wake you up from your slumber,
When I let you know,
The stones you throw at me,
I have learnt the art of making them a foundation,
That raises me up to a higher ground!

Friday, 23 October 2015


The dates were full of life
When we met our loved ones
In the valley side, mountains, by the riverside
Most beautifully sitting under a coconut tree in the middle of the night.

I remember watching every move made by every star
Vividly I can still see
The domestics
Pleading with hedges
For freedom
And enjoy the night jumping like a cow on heat
I remember listening to every move made waters
Quite flow of waters down the streams
The wind running past our ears
Whispering love peace and unity
The meaningful dates
That went down the drains

Our hands would lock in warmth
Our breath would keep other's warm
Till the crack of dawn
When birds would conclude the dates with melodies

Where are letter writing days?
Since whatssup has killed our warmth
Where are the letter writing days?
When dates where not blind

Thursday, 20 August 2015

"Action, however small is better than mere intention" said His Excellency Uhuru Kenyatta-By Lydia Ireri

Action, however small is better than mere intention" said His Excellency Uhuru Kenyatta.On 29th. 08.2015, we shall all gather at Soweto slums-Kahawa West Nairobi Kenya. Children from the existing children homes in the slum shall have a great day TALENT SHOW coloured with modelling,poetry etc.As Kenyans and Africans at large, we want to nurture a reliable generation. Every youth as a leader. Therefore, we looking for more models, both men and women to Grace our event. We also calling upon everyone for action. If you could provide Sanitary towels for girls,under pants for boys, food or any other help...please contact me Lydia on +254(0)720322752 for modelling concerns and Milcah Muthoni of ‪#‎Mwamko‬ Foundation#for the rest on 254(0)729369637.God bless you all as we serve God through the community.Miss KENYA AMERICA will be with us and other great models in the photos below and more others.

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

I CAN SEE!-By Lydia Ireri

I can see the new Era beckoning
I can see Africa our mother shining
I can see the dawn riding on a white horse
Just like a mother in labor pains sees the child coming
I can see!

I can see the new Era in Africa birthed
The Era of no Shame
The Era that liquidates poverty
The Era that overtakes Terrorism
The Era that castrates social class- conflicts
The Era that swallows Corruption
The Era that aborts Tribalism
The Era that kills Racism
The Era that exterminates non-patriotism
The Era that destroys Nepotism
I can see!

I can see the day coming
When Africa our mother
Will be transfigured
The day when Africa our mother will be changed to a Paradise
The day when all her children and neighbors shall live in the palace
Dreaming big
As one people
I can see!

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

GIVE ME A BREAK!-By Lydia Ireri

Why do you judge me?
Judge me by the colour of my skin
You say I am colourless
Neither white nor black
Yet I am from the same womb
Same parents with you

Did you choose to be a giraffe?
Did you choose to be a momo?
Give me a break brother!

I am your brother and sister
I am a child
Just like you
Born after nine months
Just like you

Look brother
Look sister
I can eat and play
Just like you
I can read and write
Just like you
I can love and marry
Just like you

Look I can lead the people
Look at Hon. Mwaura
My brother
Look at Njoki Ndungu
My sister
Are they not great leaders?

Tomorrow at the market place
Say hi
Tomorrow in the class
Believe in me
For I am with fully formed brain
Just like you!

Brothers and sisters
Stop that uncouth
Archaic mindset

My hidden parts
Cannot be a solution to your heartaches
Though the eyes of a witch doctors.

My people
My love
We are civilised!
Save me from these insecurities
Hardly can I walk alone for fear
Fear of being caged
And eventually bid the world bye
Amputated wildly

My people
My mother Africa
Save me from this uncivilised death
And if I must die
Let it not be like a wild pig
Let me nobly die
When my time is ripe
By the cloud’s clock

Monday, 3 August 2015


I want to tell you a story
A story of the black son
From a dark womb
Born in a dark land
Blend in a dark pot
Who came back yesterday
Carrying the light from the world

I had a son before your breath
His name was Dr.Luther King Junior
He was a promising son
A torch-bearer in this dark family
But just before he could walk
A thunder struck him on rainy day
When we had gathered in a public ground
To elect a dark leader
All saw him kick the last
For it was in an a open field
Waiting to vote
On a market day

My heart was crushed son
Reduced to a tot’s dot
My fertility died in a flash
I wept till night
For the unfare gods
Had robbed me him
Robbed us light
In the dark land

I despised all males
Who promised me a son
After your brother was struck
Struck by the gods may be

Just before the cock crowed
I remembered what your brother once told me
‘Ma’ bring home my brother from the market’

Before the horizons were painted scarlet
Same night
I woke him up
The man I shared a bed with
On my safe days though
Because I wanted a son
Brother to Luther
His name
Barack O’

The sun rose faster than the clock’s tick
And you were conceived
Later you came out
Lifting your hand high
A white hand
From a dark womb

I knew you were special
For I wanted you son
Your brother wanted you too
How you were conceived
Was special son
How you came out
Was special too
How you grew up
Was special too
How you got education
Was special too
Because you are a dark son
With a light brain

Son your recent home coming
Made my breast firm again
Just like they were
When I was fifteen
My youth was
Just like an eagle from hibernation
You have made my black skin
The World’s Icon
My son was the first son
To return home
On the wings of a youthful eagle
From a white land

You rode on a white horse
Waving to the black soil
The black soil that conceived you son
The soil that you ate growing up
Ma’is proud of you
Ma’ is pregnant again

I hear you have assembled all
All your uncles and aunts sons and daughters
I hear you train them
To be strong like tata madiba
May his soul rest in peace!
I hear you call them YALI
I first thought it was wali
Even if I know not what it is
I suppose it is more delicious
Than the wali I cooked for your father

Long live my son
The son of a dark woman
From a black land
You have made my womb white
Whiter than snow son
You have made me shine
More than the bright star
I bless thee son
On this your Jubelee add four birthday
I bless the seed of your loins
May the heavens double and triple your days and seeds
To see YALI stand tall
Taller than you son
Here in my whitened womb